Joe Mazzaferro Quartet Plays Thelonious Monk

Joe “Mazz” Mazzaferroi

If you are like me, you may recall a time when you had to pass up a friend’s invitation to stop for a quick drink or cup of coffee because it was Wednesday night, and you had to get home to watch your favorite series. After all, tonight was when Jay would tell Syd about his time in Paris, everyone will be watching, and tomorrow the conversation around the water cooler will be busy. The end of an era. It also was not that long ago when you had to make sure you watched the rented video so you could return it to the store and not be charged high late fees.

In a short time, mainly due to COVID-19, television, and entertainment viewing habits have changed. Market researchers claim that today, nearly 80% of viewers watch programs on subscription On Demand platforms like websites, Netflix, Prime, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and others. Live streaming platforms are ever-popular, and suddenly everyone is in the video business.

Sitting in the shadows with a wait and see approach, the Sacramento Jazz Cooperative is ready to test its mission to preserve classic jazz with three upcoming online pre-recorded jazz performances. The first, to be released this month is the Joe Mazzaferro Quartet playing tribute to Thelonious Monk. Monk dubbed the High Priest of Bop, and one of the most inventive jazz icons would have made 103 Rhythm-A-Nings around the sun on October 10th. In November, we have the Joe Gilman Trio, who will similarly pay tribute to two Sagittarians. Lyricist and composer Johnny Mercer, born on November 19th, and musician, composer, and arranger Johnny Mandel, sadly lost this past June, born on November 23rd. Finally, in December, we have the Vivian Lee Christmas Show, an SJC tradition.

We will attempt to bring these and future productions to you in various ways. Some will be free; for others, we will either ask for your donation or set a paid fee. All sums are tax-deductible and replenish the pot for the next production. While all will be entertaining, our goal is to always focus on the art form, not strictly entertainment. As we build a new video audience and monetize ourselves as an On-Demand Platform, as always, we realize that we can only accomplish this through the continued efforts and support of members and subscribers like you. Thank you for being the best part of SJC, and see you soon!

Carolyne Swayze, Founder, and CEO
Sacramento Jazz Cooperative