SJC Directors

Carolyne Swayze

Hailing from Chicago, Carolyne relocated to California in the early 1970s, making a thirty-year career mainly in San Francisco where she worked in local, state and Federal levels of government. She has worked almost that same length of time as a pop/jazz singer, songwriter, and composer, working the Bay Area hotel and country club circuits throughout mid 1970 through the early 1990s. Retiring from public service in 2007, she published her first novel, Of Noble Character in 2012, with plans to release the second edition of the bound version sometime in 2019. In 2016 she established the Sacramento Jazz Cooperative, and serves as CEO and president of the SJC Board of Directors.

Carol Manson

Appointed to the SJC Board last fall as a director, Carol Manson has been most recently been appointed as as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the organization (COO). In addition she will perform the duties of Treasurer for the time being. As the organization looks to expand operations, Carol will move more and more into full oversight of the Sacramento operations. Carol currently works with SJC President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Carolyne Swayze to maintain the mission of the organization, which is to preserve classic jazz as a cultural American art form.
Originally from Berkeley, Carol started by playing violin in grammar school, then going on to sing in choirs at Berkeley High. After high school, Carol put away any thoughts of singing, getting a master’s degree in social work. She is a long time advocate for foster children and became a State official capping off a long and distinguished career as a Governor’s appointee.
As for her music, after first finding her voice as a singer, following a health challenge, she had to find it again, and find it again, she did. Leaving her comfort zone as a choir singer to shine as a soloist, she won the 9th Independent Music Award (IMA) VOX Pop Award for the single “Take My Hand, Precious Lord.”
Other singing credits include being a part of the cast for the musical, Hallelujah City at the Benvenuti Performing Arts Center, and the Tower Theatre in Roseville. Carol was a key performer at the 2011 Legislative Back To Session Bash. She now has three CDs to her credits. Sacramento jazz artist Carol Manson is appointed to the Board of Directors of the Sacramento Jazz Cooperative, Inc. In her spare time she is the owner of Simon Sudz, a soap manufacturing company named after her beloved dog, Simon.

Holly Tigard

Bay Area native. She was born into a musically creative family where her father, Lenny Tigard earned his living early on by playing jazz piano with talented local musicians such as Paul Desmond, Joe Dodge, Joe Morello, and Johnny Coppola, and appeared on the Don Sherwood television show back in the fifties.  Holly’s mother was a dancer with the San Francisco Ballet for several years before marrying Lenny and moving to Virginia during the war.  Holly grew up surrounded by and loving music and, at a young age, began to perform in choirs at school and church which carried her into her college years.  Those were the most fertile of times for jazz in San Francisco and she met and performed with many local jazz greats of the era – Larry Vukovich, Bennett Friedman, Al Plank, Abe Battat, Vince Lateano and Smith Dobson IV, to name a few.  Holly stayed in the Bay Area and worked the casual scene for more than 40 years singing with many different bands and leaders.  Her most cherished time was working with Del Courtney and his Tea-Dance Band at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco. While music is her first love, Holly has also held positions of employment in interesting and various fields in San Francisco and Berkeley.   From director of acquisitions for an international auction house, to facilities manager for a downtown university, events director at Chabot Space & Science Center and UC Athletics, to operations manager for a national real estate company, she has gathered a diverse background of experience that has served her well over the years.

Holly holds a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Arts with a Music emphasis and a Master’s degree in Art History from San Francisco State University. She makes her home in San Francisco.