Sacramento Jazz Cooperative, Inc.


About SJC

 Sacramento Jazz Cooperative, Inc.

The Sacramento Jazz Cooperative, Inc. (SJC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed on September 26, 2016.

Mission Statement  

The mission of the Sacramento Jazz Coop is to establish, operate, or partner with others to support a dedicated jazz facility in Sacramento for the mutual benefit of jazz musicians, and their audience. To this end, the SJC is committed to supporting the appreciation of jazz in Sacramento through education, outreach, and performance.
When fully operational, SJC will serve the community on several levels to:

  1. Either establish or supplement after-school and weekend master classes for  students interested in performing jazz;
  2. Assist established Sacramento high school jazz band programs for those students who do not have access to a student jazz band in their school;
  3. Provide rehearsal space for older students of jazz and jazz groups;
  4. Provide evening performance venues within the Sacramento jazz community, including students and professionals.  The SJC envisions regularly scheduled performances by local professionals, student groups, and provide organized jam sessions, and feature touring headliners.

How is SJC funded?
The SJC is funded through public and private grants, private benefactors, sponsors, and revenues generated from evening admission charges and sales.  Additionally, with the participation of its board, the organization presents fundraiser concerts which  and image-builders.  As the endowment of the SJC grows, the income will be used to (1) Secure  dedicated space (2) offset operational expenses (allowing a higher portion of revenues to be paid to local performing musicians) (3) underwrite jazz education in the community and (4) work towards funding scholarships for college-level music degree programs.  If the SJC is ever dissolved, any net assets shall be used to establish scholarships for college-level music degree programs.

Not an original model.
SJC is based on the working of models across the nation, such as, The Jazz at Lincoln Center program in NYC, admittedly in a league all its own. More realistic models for the SJC to emulate are SFJAZZ in San Francisco,  Pacific Jazz Institute in Seattle, the Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz, Jazz St. Louis, and the Miami Jazz Cooperative.

What about other jazz organizations in Sacramento?

The Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society is the largest and differs from SJC as it primarily focuses on Trad jazz. However, SJC supports all efforts to enhancing jazz to Sacramento audiences.  As we develop the SJC website and social media, we will promote jazz events in Sacramento regardless of the sponsoring organization or venue.  

Who operates the Sacramento Jazz Cooperative?
SJC, founded by Carolyne Swayze is governed by a Board of Directors, designed to be managed by a Executive Director, expected to be hired at some point in the future. The ED will report to the SJC Board.

The SJC corporate mailing address is:

PO Box 19254

Sacramento CA 95819