Dante Alighieri – The Dante Club

Dante (Dante Alighieri) was a poet, born on May 29, 1265, in Florence, Italy. As a poet, prose writer, literary theorist, moral philosopher and political thinker, he is most known in literature for his most famous work, The Divine Comedy, one of the essential works of the change from medieval…

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Sacramento Jazz Cooperative (SJC) is to ensure the preservation, and to foster a greater understanding of jazz as the true American art form. Objectives include increasing audience participation of all ages through education and performance.

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Chef Jessi Moreno

Chef Jessi Moreno Born and raised in Sacramento, Jessi (Yesenia) Moreno, is one of five children from a traditional Mexican family. Jessi says, “Both my parents were raised on the farm, and at an early age instilled in me the importance of growing our own food and respect for the…

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