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Monday Evening Jazz Concerts at the CLARA

Monday Evening Jazz Concerts at The CLARA Auditorium Continue.
Your favorite bands in concert on the best evening of the week. The very definition of a special event, Monday Night Jazz at The CLARA Auditorium is all about live music and the people who support it. SJC  will run these Monday concerts at the CLARA Auditorium throughout the year, as well as some satellite venues. The strategy is to rotate weeks between local artist and touring artist. The will be done based finding a great band passing through or a regional favorite back in the area or an up-and-coming band we think our audience needs to hear.
There are also plans to have a big band and some dance events. An upcoming vocal showcase is being discussed, as well as some organized instrumentalist. We’d like to bring Mel Martin back in June to celebrate his 75th! Lastly, we are negotiating to have some performances in the Rocklin area for the comfort of our eastern area jazz fans.
SJC provides musicians the opportunity to perform for folks who truly appreciate what they do without unnecessary distractions. Fans get the opportunity to hear great musicians in an intimate setting—125-seat capacity. We also have some surprises in store that we know you’re going to love.
On February 6, 2017 Dbaba Project will perform for you. Get those tickets now and support this great band at
Lastly, we ask you to consider joining SJC. If you haven’t seen our new website, please look at While there, won’t you take a moment to click on the membership tab and consider joining? Every dollar you send helps us move into our own facility.
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Margie Baker - Newest SJC Member


SJC welcomes its most recent Enthusiast member, vocalist. educator and recording artist, Dr. Margie Baker.
Jazz singer Margie Baker pursued her musical career part-time for many years while maintaining a full-time job in the San Francisco school district and raising a family. She was born in Center, TX, in about 1937. During World War II, she moved with her mother to San Francisco, where her mother worked as a riveter in the shipbuilding industry. At 15, she graduated from school and went to the University of California at Berkeley on a scholarship, transferring after two years to San Francisco State University, where she got her bachelor's degree in education. She taught elementary school while taking night classes to get her master's and, later, Ph.D. degree. She spent decades working in the administration of the San Francisco school district, ultimately as Director of Compensatory Education, in charge of disbursing federal funds to help students at risk, and remained at the job until her retirement.

Meanwhile, Baker maintained a very different moonlighting career. In the 1950s, she chaperoned her younger sister-in-law, Mary Stallings, a jazz singer, at nightclubs where she encountered and befriended musicians like Dizzy Gillespie and James Moody. Always a jazz and blues fan, she began singing professionally in 1973. She was employed primarily by the Hilton hotel chain, performing at Henri's Room in the San Francisco Hilton two nights a week during the school year and five nights a week during the summer, also traveling to Hilton hotels in other parts of the country and around the world. After her retirement from her day job, she was able to devote more time to performing. In 2003, a concert she gave in San Francisco's Jazz Preservation District was recorded and released locally as her debut CD, Live at Rassalas. In 2005, at the age of 68, she had her first national album release with Live at Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society, issued by CAP Records.


Margie Baker






Still going strong, and proving age "ain't nothin but a number," Margie Baker , age 80 joins SJC, and brings her Master Class Vocal Workshop and performance to Sacramento Jazz Coop this Spring.