SJC Signs Off

Hello everyone–Carolyne Here,
I hope that you are all enjoying a great 2022 so far.

It was September 2016 when I had the honor of founding the Sacramento Jazz Cooperative. Over the last six years I have had the additional honor of serving as its CEO. Defining jazz is not always easy, but we know that you know it when you hear it. Even in the face if the ever-changing multi-cultural element of jazz,

SJC has been able to present some of the finest performances featuring local, regional and some national performers, as we maintained our mission to preserve classic jazz as a cultural American art form.

I write today to let you know there will be changes to SJC this year. A dwindling membership, along with the ever-present threat of COVID, has just had too great an impact for the organization to sustain. We expect that our last live performance will be late April or early May 2022. We’re not going away, totally. You can expect to see more virtual performances, and you’ll be likely to see some new faces, and new places as we attempt to partner with other jazz organizations.

It’s been a wonderful journey and I want to take a moment to thank our members, the volunteers who have worked so hard, our donors, and the musicians, all of whom have become a part of the SJC family. We are ever indebted.

Please keep in touch. I’d like to hear from as many of you as who want to correspond. I can be reached at if you have other SJC questions or concerns., or if you just want to talk.

For those who have made recent donations or membership renewals, don’t worry, our nonprofit standing is intact through at least December 2022, and perhaps longer. Your donations still help us with operational costs, and we still have two or three shows coming up.

For those who would like to be reminded of past SJC performers and performances, I’ve attached a link to a video below.

Thanks, one and all and don’t forget to–keep the music playing.